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PYLUSD Induction Coordinator

Melanie Carmona

714-985-8641 or x61641

PDA/Induction Secretary

Debbie Ortiz

714-985-8601 or x61601

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Resolve to Reflect

Welcome to a new year and a fresh start. We've had some time to regenerate over the break and we're (hopefully) returning with some renewed energy. During this month, people everywhere set New Year's resolutions, making plans to improve their lives. Induction provides the structure to do this repeatedly in our professional lives. Just like we set measurable goals in our inquiries, students can use this time to set their own SMART goals. (Read more about going through this process with your students here.)


A note of clarification about Triad Meetings: PTs attend and fill out a triad form once per ILP. Year 2 PTs will attend three triads, while Year 1 PTs will attend two during the year. Triad meetings can be attended by more than one PT, but if they get too big, they can lose efficacy. Campuses with more than 5 PTs might want to break into two separate group, preferably based on grade level and/or content area so that the goals shared will have more meaning to those in the room. 


We'll be having our Advice, Assistance, and Collaboration Meeting on Thursday, January 5 at the PDA from 4:00-6:00. After September, these meetings are all choice, meaning you get to choose three or more to attend. NOTE: If you have not attended an AAC meeting since September, you must attend all meetings from here on out on 1/5, 2/9, and 3/9. The topics for each month can be found here on the left side of the page. Please complete this Google Form if you plan to attend.


Don't forget to register on PDExpress for this and all other meetings you'll be attending. Please also bring a laptop or Chromebook to the meeting. 



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Don't miss a meeting! Click the link below to sign up for text reminders from PYLUSD Induction (@pylu). Standard messaging rates apply.


Our Objectives

  • Teacher growth and effectiveness
  • Teacher retention
  • Student learning
  • Clear credentialing

Our Goals

  • Make the program meaningful
  • Connect learning and professional goals to Induction work
  • Tailor the program and professional development to individual needs
  • Eliminate redundancy whenever possible